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Ointments and creams

Sterile/Distilled water still and steam Systems

GMP Sterilization System

Pressure and Reaction Vessels

Pharma accessories, valves and fittings

The above equipment is manufactured by leading and reputed pharma machinery and equipment manufacturers in India. The above equipment is in operations with many multinational pharma companies in India and also abroad in countries such as USA, West and East European countries, Middle East Countries and South East Asian countries.

Tablet Manufacturing

Homogeneity on demand...Dry and wet Mixing and blending of powders and granules.

Various mixers and blenders are custom manufactured to suit specific requirements of the clients, depending on the formulation and properties of the ingredients.

Conta Blender
latest GMP concepts, Dust free transfer of powders and granules from sizing/ dispensing to compression and filling of tablets or capsules. Capacity : 25KG to 750 KG.
Conta Blender

Ribbon BlenderRibbon Blender
A light duty blender - Recommended for easy to mix powder components. Low shear mixer and mostly use for solid to solid mixing. Normal applications are, Lubrication of dry granules in large quantity, Dry mixing of free flowing powders requiring low shearing force, Dry blending of capsule formulation, Mixing of cosmetic powders,Capacity : - 125 L to 7500 L.

Double cone Blender
Double cone Blender is efficient and versatile machine for mixing dry powders and granules homogeneously. Normal applications are Dry powder mixing for tablets and capsule formulations, Dry granules sub lots mixing to increase the batch size at bulk lubrication stage of tablet granules.Capacity : 20 L. To 2500 L.
Double Cone Blender

'V' BlenderV Blender
For dry mixing only, minimal attrition, large capacity and easy loading/unloading operations. Capacity : 30 L to 1200L.

Planetary Mixer
Ideal for mixing of dry and wet materials. It has unique planetary mixing cycle, slow to high speed and having good shearing action. Normal application are Powder to powder mixing, Manufacturing of starch paste with steam or electrically heated and Dry powder to wet phase mixing for wet granulation.Capacity : 20L to 500L.
Planetary Mixer

Rapid Mixer Granulator Rapid Mixer granulator (RMG)
A high quality process equipment for mixing and wet granulation to achieve homogeneous mixing, uniform granules size. Supplied in SS GMP construction with automation/ PLC control system. Capacity : 25L to 1000L/ 5 KGS to 250 KGS, depending on the formulation.

Fluid bed dryers and processors
For drying of granules, crystalline materials and also find and coerce materials for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dyes, food and allied industries. Available in one piece GMP SS constructions with automated PLC control system. Capacity : 15L to 900L / 5KGS to 350 KGS, depending on the ingredients.
Fluid Bed Dryer

Tablet Coating MachineryTablet Coating Machinery
Tablet Coating Machinery must for all tablet manufacturing plant for various application for sugar, film coating aquaueous/organic suspension.Fully automatic PLC control system with graphic display.Capacity: PAN diameter 300/1500 mm. Working Capacity(uncoated 5 kg - 50 kg)


Oral Liquid Manufacturing - Complete turnkey system

Complete turnkey system from manufacturing of liquids to filling, capping, labeling and cartoning.
Over and above, mixing and blending vessels and automatic liquid filing line, accessories such as transfer pumps, filtration system and intermediate feed system.
Capacity : 90BPM. To 300 BPM.

Ointment Plant - Turnkey system

Complete with all required reaction vessels, intermediate pumps and connection system, mounted on a common platform, in a ready to operate condition. Capacity to suit clients specific requirements. Capacity : 10kgs To 250 kgs.

Custom built SS Reaction and Pressure Vessels for Manufacturing

Liquids, Ointments and other viscous pharma and chemical fluids. Complete with mixers, all required valves, fittings, transfer pumps, instrumentation and control systems. Capacity : 500L to 15000L.


Multicolumn Distilled Water Still

Where criticality meets economy. A high quality equipment, provides 100% chemically pure, pyrogen free sterile distillate, and highly economical operational cost.

Special features
  • Pure, sterile & pyrogen free distilled water conforms to IP/BP/USP standards.
  • Energy saving low operating costs.
  • Fully automatic operation. No attendant required.
  • Compact in design & space saving.
  • PLC based control system for automated operation.
  • Complete in SS 316 constructions, Teflon sealing baskets and electro polish for contact surface.
  • Capacity - 80 LPH to 5000 LPH/ 426 columns as required.
Multicolumn Distilled Water Still

GMP Sterilization System

Reliability that Supplements Technology High quality, state of the art Technology equipment for sterilization of GMP Sterilization System
  • Standard Cycles Dry Good Porous loads - HPHV cycle standard for item such as machine parts, filters, garments, glows, rubber stopper, etc.
  • Repute pulling cycle for liquid solution in sealed containers for terminal sterilization applications.
  • Slow exhaust cycle for solutions in vented containers For items such as glass wares, utensils, instruments. Slow exhaust cycle will reduce evaporation of the sterilize liquid during the cooling phase. Ideal for R&D, QC and Micro application.
  • Super heated water spray cycle liquid cycle for solutions in glass or plastic CD containers - heating and cooling is done with the circulating water.Complete with guarantee and reliable GMP Construction, PLC control system and various optional accessories for many applications.
  • Bung (a part of packaging material) Bung processor
    with automatic process cycle is manufactured to suit specific requirements.

Pure Steam Generator

The hallmark of purity.Most reliable technology for producing pure pyrogen free sterile steam as per USP/BP/IP standards.

Quality equipment, designed and manufactured to guaranty sterile steam, energy saver, automatic operation, and Complete in SS 316 constructions, Teflon sealing baskets and electro polish for contact surfaces. Capacity : 100kg/hour to 2000kgs/hour
Pure Steam Generator

SS Accessories SS Accessories for pharma applications

Such as flush bottom valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, needle valves, Triclover couplings, pipes and pipe fittings, etc.

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