Soft Gel Capsule Products

Soft Gelatine Capsules are one-piece shells, which are manufactured on a fully automatic Rotary-Die Encapsulation Machine in a continuous process to produce a hermetically sealed product.

Soft Gelatine Capsule Products are manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies to encapsulate a variety of medications such as multi-vitamins, vitamins and minerals, antibiotics, health and generic products, food supplements, cosmetics, etc. They have many distinct advantages over the Hard Gelatine Capsules, Tablets, Liquid oral solutions, Ointments, etc. and provide better bio-availability than other dosage forms. Medicaments in the form of liquids, paste and even powders (antibiotics) can be encapsulated by making a paste, in an inert media.

Soft Gelatine Capsules can be manufactured in various sizes, colours and shapes such as round, oval, oblong, bottle and other specific shapes, to suit customer's requirements.

Products Characteristics - Advantages
  • Products can be encapsulated in various shapes - various sizes - various colours.
  • Wide choice of formulations.

  • Products with thick slurry type paste Medicaments to light oils and powders (with inert media) can be encapsulated.

  • Unit doses.

  • Lower dose of active ingredients.
  • High accuracy in fill weights.

  • Fewer inactive ingredients.

  • Improved stability. Longer shelf life.

  • Improved bioavailability.

  • One piece Capsule - tamper proof.

  • One piece Capsule - no problem of microbial contamination, oxidation and evaporation.

  • Product differentiation and elegance. Big plus for marketing.

  • Pleasant - disagreeable odors and tastes of medicines are completely masked.

  • Ease of administration - oral, rectal and vaginal.

  • Consumer preference.


Products - Choice Of Formulations
  • Multi-Vitamins Multi Minerals Capsules (MVMM).
  • Vitamin B complex (VBC).

  • Antibiotic capsules.

  • Fish oil products.

  • Haematinic capsules.

  • Food Supplements such as Vit. A, D, E, Soya, etc.
  • Anti cholesterol and other heart ailments capsules.

  • Opthalmic capsules.

  • Rectal and vaginal-external application products.

  • Hormonal products.

  • Health and food supplement products.

  • Herbal products.

  • Cosmetics such as skin ointments and creams, skin vitamins, face creams, shampoos, bubble bath, perfumeries, etc.

  • Others to suit client's specific requirements.


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