Product Knowhow & Process Technology

Process Process Process Process

Product Knowhow & Process Technology

alpine pharma offers Know-how & Technology for following Products

Product Data
  • Product Properties and Applications
  • Indications, Contra-indications & Dosages
  • Product Specifications (physical)- Generic/Trade name, size, Shape,Colour, Fill wt., Shell wt., Total wt., etc.
  • Product Specifications (chemical)

Process Medicament Process
  • Medicament Formulations
  • Medicament Process, Precautions, Anticipated problems and Remedies.
  • Specifications of Actives and other Ingredients (optional).

Process Gelatine Process
  • Gelatine Mass Formulation
  • Gelatine Process, Precautions, Anticipated Problems and Remedies.
  • Specifications of Mass Ingredients (optional).

Encapsulation Process
  • Encapsulation Manufacturing Parameters and Conditions
  • Starting up, do's and dont's.
  • Precautions, Anticipated Problems and Remedies.
  • In process Pre-shaping,Washing and semi-drying of capsules.
  • In process Pre-shaping, washing and semi-drying of capsules - solvent free system - (optional).

  • Capsule Drying (moisture removal)in conditioned controlled chambers. Air flow concepts.

Inspection and Quality Control
  • In process and final, as per CGMP standards.

Quality Assurance System
  • Quality Control of Raw Materials, Product in Process and Finished Products as per standards.
  • Physical Test of Finished Products.
  • Chemical and Microbiological test of finished products.

Manufacturing and Process Problems, Causes and Remedies.

Product stability analysis (optional)

Product costing (optional)

alpine pharma offers Product Know-how & Process Technology for
  • Multivitamin caps. and Multimineral caps (MVMM).
  • Multivitamin + Multimineral + Ginseng (MVMM + G).
  • Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin A.
  • Cod liver oil / Fish oil caps (Health Supplement).
  • Nifedipine Capsules.
  • Vit. A (4500 I.u.) + Vit. D (450 I.u.).
  • Fish Oil Caps (Therapeutic).
  • Aquasol A / Vit. A 50000 I U. / Vit. A 25000 I.U.
  • Wheat germ oil
  • Rectal application caps (External).
  • Renal application caps (External).
  • Vaginal application caps (External).
  • Opthalmic caps-Chloromycetin/Chlorocort/applications
    (eye ointments - External).
  • Skin vitamins/Ointments caps (External).
  • Hormones caps.
  • Ferro - Redoxon and equivalent type caps.
  • Haematinic Lever.
  • Health, Food Supplement and Herbal Products.
  • Others to suit specific or clients requirement.


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