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Comprehensive Turnkey Services

For Clients who would like to avail of complete and comprehensive turnkey services and leave the entire responsibility for execution - from design to commissioning - to our project company.

Limited Turnkey Services

For Clients who have their own project and engineering infrastructure and would like to execute the project on their own but require only specialized project consultancy services, product/process know-how, custom built process equipment and commissioning the project.

Scope of Services

  • Project Consultancy Services

    Comprises of Architectural/Civil Engineering, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, HVAC, Instrumentation and Controls, Installation Guidelines, Information and Control System for production standards, Quality Assurance, etc.

  • Manufacturing and Process Equipment

    Supply of complete range of custom built Manufacturing and Process Equipment for various process sections such as Encapsulation Manufacturing, Gelatine Preparation, Medicaments (Fill Material), Quality Assurance and Inspection.

  • Installation Guidelines

    Supply necessary drawings and detailed installation guidelines for installation of various process equipment.

  • Commissioning the Project

    Check installation of the equipment, testing and readying process system and equipment, test process conditions, trials of placebo products, commissioning the plant, production trials of clients specific products, till bulk/retail packed.

  • Product Know-how and Process Technology

    Supply complete product specifications and data, process parameters and Q/A system for client's specific products. Also, entire manufacturing details from raw material stage till finished product.

  • Training

    To your shop floor production section staff for day to day operations of the plant and Q/A system, if required by you.
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